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When Your Ceiling Fan Stops Working

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can make your home a more comfortable place to live. Fans are simple, but they still have the potential to develop mechanical or electrical problems. Here’s what you can do if the blades stop spinning:



Many units are controlled by a pull chain as well as a wall switch. Confirm that both controls are turned on. The chain usually switches power on and off in addition to setting the rotation speed.


Do the ceiling fan’s built-in lights still work? If not, you probably have an electrical problem. Check to see if this fixture has blown a fuse or caused a circuit breaker to trip.

Although this isn’t very likely, it’s feasible that a major power surge has damaged your fan. Find out if any other devices in your home have also stopped functioning.

Perhaps the blades won’t spin but the lights remain usable. This likely indicates that there’s a problem with the motor or mechanism. You may need to repair or replace the equipment.


When you can’t find a way to make a fan start spinning again, see if it remains under warranty. You might be surprised to learn that some home warranty providers also cover these fixtures.

If your equipment is no longer protected by any type of guarantee, think about replacing it. Repairs usually aren’t expensive, and a high-quality new unit may last two to three decades. It might also look better and produce less noise.

At Bishoff Home Services we can also set up and install a unit that you’ve already purchased. Please contact us to learn more about our affordable pricing and top-notch customer service.

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