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Tile Roof Cleaning

Why You Should Leave Roof Washing to the Professionals

Pressure washing, also commonly referred to as power washing, can help to remove dust, dirt, algae, and bird droppings from your roof. This can help to bring a faded and old-looking roof back to life and increase the overall curb appeal of the exterior of your home. However, while you can power wash a roof yourself, there are many reasons why you should hire a pressure washing company to get the job done. Here are few reasons you should leave roof washing to the pros.

You Can Damage Your Roof

One of the top reasons why you should leave pressure washing to a professional is because you can damage your roof if you pressure wash it incorrectly. Different types of roofs need different pressure settings. Roofs that are newer and made of harder materials, such as ceramic or concrete tiles, can withstand more pressure than older roofs made from asphalt or cedar shakes. If you use the incorrect setting, you can crack your roofing material or even blow it right off the roof. That’s why Bishoff Home Services will only use low pressure to insure your roof is undamaged.

You May Not Completely Clean Your Roof

The final reason why Bishoff Home Services should be used to clean your roof is that we know how to get your roof completely clean. The average homeowner does not know how to correctly remove algae from asphalt tiles or remove acidic bird droppings from concrete tiles. Both acidic bird droppings and algae can damage your roof, so it is important that these elements are completely cleaned and removed from the roof. A professional knows what types of cleaning solutions to use to ensure your roof is completely clean and rid of the elements that can damage it.

Here are Bishoff Home Services, one of the services that we offer is roof washing. We can help you wash many exterior surfaces, including your home’s siding, fencing, concrete, and roof. If your roof is looking run down, call us and let us make it look its best.

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